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410 Series Reflectometers

Portable handheld optical measurement instrument

The SOC410 Series Reflectometers are portable contact measurement devices designed to take precise, accurate reflectance and emittance measurements. Made with an ergonomic power-drill design, the SOC410 Series lets you easily take measurements in-the-field or around the lab— no cords or external batteries necessary. The world’s biggest defense, aerospace, and energy companies rely on SOC410 data.

True Portability

Battery powered cordless design.

No Extensive Training

Simply press against sample and pull trigger.

Immediate Data

LCD touch screen for reviewing full data.

ASTM Compliant

Meets relevant ASTM standards.

Fast Collection Time

Measurements take approximately 10 seconds.

Safe on Delicate Surfaces

Rubber port ring protects delicate surfaces.

410 Series Measurements

The 410 Series can produce the following measured values.

Solar reflectance / Solar absorptance
Thermal Emittance
Total hemispherical reflectance
ASTM E1918
Solar Reflectance Index
ASTM E1980
ASTM C1549
ASTM C1371

410 Series Customers

Available Models


Total reflectance at seven sub-bands in the 300-2500nm spectral regions. Total, diffuse, and specular reflectance is reported for the data at 20 degrees incidence. ASTM E903 certified.


The ET-100 measures directional reflectance at six bands in the thermal infrared spcetral region at two incidence angles, 20° and 60°. Based on those values, directional and total hemispherical emissivity is calculated.


Measures the optical constants of materials for six spectral regions.


Measures emissivity values in two of the most commonly used spectral regions, 3 to 5 and 8 to 12 microns.


Two measurements heads, the ET100 and 410-Solar, to obtain the emisivity and solar reflectance values that are necessary to determine Solar Reflectance Index.

How It Works

The SOC410 Series reflectometers have two main components: the optical measurement head and the command module or remote control unit (RCU). The command module is battery powered, making your SOC410 Series instrument portable for field measurements and carrying on the manufacturing floor. The RCU is suited for lab and desktop measurements where data is acquired by software and the unit is powered by an outlet.

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