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410-Solar Visible / NIR Portable Reflectometer

The 410-Solar is a battery operated portable reflectometer, the ideal tool for field solar reflectance, solar absorbtance measurements and mirror assessment. Quickly and accurately collects solar reflectivity data necessary to calculate solar reflectance index (SRI) values for cool roofing and green building LEED certification. The SOC410-Solar conforms to ASTM E903, the standard test method for solar absorptance, reflectance, and transmittance of materials.

Based on a modified integrating sphere, it measures total reflectance at seven sub-bands in the 300-2500nm spectral regions. Total, diffuse, and specular reflectance is reported for the data at 20 degrees incidence. A total of twenty-one data points are produced during a single data acquisition cycle. The signal intensity is normalized against an internal standard. To perform measurements just press the device against the surface to be tested then pull the trigger.


The SOC410-Solar was designed with the following applications in mind:

 Validation of solar fields

 Maintenance of solar fields / evaluation of soiling of mirrors

 LEED – evaluation of thermal properties of green buildings

 Cool roof – evaluation of thermal properties of roofs

 Inspection of telescope mirrors

 Inspection of coatings for space applications

 Characterization of thermal properties of materials

 Characterization of solar receivers in solar power generation

 Characterization of mirrors used to concentrate solar power

Product Details

The 410-Solar measures the diffuse portion of the total reflectance at 20° using the fully automated specular diffuse port plug. The port plug is lifted away from the sphere allowing the 20° specular beam to escape, leaving the diffuse portion of the total reflectance left to measure. The specular beam portion is obtained by subtracting the diffuse reflectance from the total reflectance. For maximum accuracy it is calibrated with a specular calibration coupon and with a diffuse calibration coupon. The data is recorded and can be displayed in a graphical or numerical form.