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Founded in 1977, Surface Optics Corporation (SOC) is an employee-owned small business firm specializing in the characterization and exploitation of the optical properties of surfaces. For over twenty years SOC has been conducting measurement services under Government and commercial contracts and developed an extensive data base of optical measurements for a wide variety of materials.

Coupled with the measurements, SOC develops sophisticated suites of analytical software for exploiting the measurement data for a number of practical engineering applications. These tools include optical constant determination, optical phenomenology of composite materials, coatings design, thermal analysis, and visible, infrared and radar signature simulation. In collaboration with research groups worldwide, SOC’s laboratory and analytical tools have garnered an international reputation for excellence.

From this base of laboratory measurement and phenomenology expertise, SOC has developed a wide range of commercial products including instrumentation for laboratory and field optical measurements, Hyperspectral Video Imagers (HSVI) and processors, PC-based engineering software and databases, and surface coating products and services. We also offer our services on a contract basis for engineering projects requiring support in optical phenomenology and measurements, and can develop customized instruments and accessories for specific measurement applications. Our goal is to provide our customers with “One Stop Shopping” for optical measurements, analysis and coatings development.