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SOC-100 HDR Hemispherical Directional Reflectometer

The SOC-100 HDR provides polarized, angular reflectance measurement from 10° to 80° incident angles. Coupled to the Nicolet FTIR, the SOC-100 HDR works in the entire spectral region available for that FTIR.

It provides the capabilities to measure the collimated and scattered transmittance of samples, and by using a specular beam blocker, the diffuse and specular partition of the scattered energy. From the direct measurements other values can be calculated: directional and near normal emissivity, directional angular emissivity, total hemispherical emissivity, solar absorptance, and optical constants (ns and ks).


  • All measurement functions are fully automated, insuring excellent productivity for busy labs
  • The SOC-100 HDR and application software provide a powerful set of tools for many engineering applications.
  • ASTM E408

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