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Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imagers

  • SOC710-VP VIS/NIR Hyperspectral Imager
  • SOC716 Full Motion Spectral Imager
  • SOC710-GX Airborne VIS/NIR Hyperspectral Imager
  • SOC750 MWIR Hyperspectral Imager
  • DuoChrome-ML MWIR/LWIR Imager
  • DuoChrome-SM SWIR/MWIR Imager

Reflectometers and FTIR Instruments

  • SOC-100 Hemispherical Directional Reflectometer
  • SOC-410 Handheld Reflectometers
  • SOC-210 Bidirectional Reflectometer
  • SOC-400 FTIR Reflectometers
  • SOC-600 Handheld Imaging Bidirectional Reflectometer

Reflectance Measurements

Spectral measurements can be made in wavelength regions from the ultraviolet to long wave infrared and include one or all of the following types of reflectance measurements:

  • Directional or hemispheric reflectance
  • Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF)
  • Monostatic Bidirectional Reflectance (enhanced backscatter measurement)
  • Optical Properties and Temperature Profile Databases

Simulation and Analysis

SOC’s extensive background in both Infrared and radar sensor simulation and analysis is embedded in our analytical and simulation products. SOC simulations are used in a variety of programs and applications including: system simulation modeling and design, operator training, and more.

  • Radar Cross Section Database (RadBase)
  • Visible and Infrared Signature Simulation (ENSIR)
  • ScatCad BRDF Optical Scattering (ScatCad)
  • Image Classifier (ImageMapper)
  • Hyperspectral Analysis and Exploitation Tool (HS Anal)


With a history dating back to thermal coatings for the Lunar Lander, SOC uses two different coating processes: vacuum deposition and application of pigmented paints.

Vacuum deposited coatings are manufactured using several different techniques that are standard in the coating industry:

  • Resistively heated thermal evaporation
  • Electron beam evaporation
  • Ion beam assisted deposition
  • SOC has large capacity coating chambers for both roll coating applications and large structures. SOC chambers were used to coat the primary mirror for the Kepler Space Telescope.

    Coatings have been developed at SOC for many applications, such as:

    • EMI/EMP shielded windows
    • Satellite antenna coatings with controlled solar absorptance and emittance
    • Micro-optic, directionally coated, IR spectrally tailored low emissive coating
    • Visually reflective, microwave transparent coating
    • High durability exo-atmospheric IR coating
    • High efficiency silver based lens coating
    • Satellite telescope low emittance thermal protective coating
    • Signature/thermal control of ground-based and airborne vehicles