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Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) of metallic and dielectric films, performed with four chambers and variable configurations to accommodate large substrates and diverse applications. Reflectors and optics up to 3 meters can be coated. Full mechanical design, fabrication, proof-loading, complete handling plans for accommodating unique hardware and scalable processes to meet larger reflector needs. Surface Optics Corporation’s coatings lab has successfully coated hundreds of flight reflectors.


  • 3.3 meter (motion controlled e-beam IAD)
  • 1.8 meter (motion controlled e-beam IAD)
  • 1.2 meter (planetary)
  • Small R&D chamber (up to 2 runs per day)
AEHF 1.6m composite reflector, installed in 3.3m chamber prior to coating.

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Coating Technology Applications Technology Status
Ion Assisted E-beam Evaporation Reflective & Transmissive coatings: optical, IR, RF Industry standard
Moving Source Coating Platform Enables coating of parts as large as chamber Proprietary (SBIR data rights)
Aluminum coating w/ tailored thermal control properties RF coating for composite spaceflight reflectors Designated supplier in NG and BSS Specs
Low temperature coating of polymer substrates Plastic lens, Nano-laminate Structures Proprietary (SBIR data rights)

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