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Roll-to-Roll Coatings

Innovative roll-to-roll coating process

Our unique roll-to-roll coating process was developed in-house for Electron Beam, Jori Source and Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) of metallic and dielectric films (all processes scalable). 1.8m and 5m chambers accommodate a variety of applications, with deposition on film up to 1000m x 1.5m wide and a great deal of experience handling sub-10 µm films. Substrates move across four banks of e-beam guns, allowing up to four discrete layers per pass, and PID programmed rate monitoring allows for precise thickness deposition. Capability to process roll to roll film in a Rewinder cleanroom room (ISO class 5).

Coating Technology Applications Technology Status
Multisource E-beam Evaporation Reflective & Transmissive coatings: optical, IR, RF Industry standard
Crystal Rate Monitoring for high volume production Allow crystals to be changed automatically. Dual head with up to 48 crystals per e-beam source. Proprietary (SBIR data rights)
Ion Assisted Deposition Layer stacking of higher density material (crystalline), index control, durability Industry standard
Jori Source deposition for dielectric layers Mechanical protection, stress and emissivity management, low temp-hi rate deposition Industry standard
Reflective coatings Tailored thermal control properties Designated supplier in ISiS specs
Low temperature coating of polymer substrates Polyimide web Proprietary (SBIR data rights)

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