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SOC-210 BDR Bidirectional Reflectometer

The SOC-210 Bidirectional Reflectometer is a precision laboratory instrument designed for mapping bidirectional reflectance distribution functions (BRDF) of surfaces, paints, coatings, liquids, and particles.

BRDF data gives engineers the necessary information to adequately solve problems requiring precision information about the direction and magnitude of energy scattered from a surface.

The SOC-210 BDR measures the BRDF of samples from the ultraviolet to infrared spectral range (including visible) using an assortment of interchangeable sources, spectral bandpass filters, and detectors. Complete hemispherical coverage is obtained by varying both incident polar and azimuth angles and reflected polar and azimuth angles.

Several new features have been added to its already extensive list of capabilities. These include an automated bandpass filter wheel that is capable of holding up to twenty different bandpass filters. This allows the user to take multispectral BRDF data over twenty different wavelengths during a single measurement run. Previously, the user had been limited to a single wavelength per measurement. Support for new sterling cycle cooled MCT and InSb detectors allow the instrument to collect unattended BRDF data continuously over several days.