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ET-10 In-Band Handheld Emissometer

The ET-10 answers the long standing need for the measurement of emissivity as an entry parameter for infrared cameras involved in measurements of temperature.

Advanced infrared cameras require the input of an emissivity value for accurate temperature calculations. The emissivity values obtained from tables can be far from real, leading to large temperature uncertainties.

The ET-10 measures emissivity values in two of the most commonly used spectral regions, 3 to 5 and 8 to 12 microns. It can be used in the lab or in the field and on small or large objects. With the ET-10 you can measure emissivity of any surface in just a few seconds.


  • Two spectral ranges: 3 to 5 and 8 to 12 microns
  • Speed: about 5 seconds measurement time, user controlled
  • Battery operated & Fully portable
  • Near normal, 20° incidence angle