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SOC750 Midwave Infrared Hyperspectral Imager

Based on Surface Optics’s highly successful SOC700-MWIR Hyperspectral (HS) Imager, the SOC750-HB is a fast commercial real-time HS MWIR imaging system. Out of the box, the SOC750-HB can be used in demanding analysis, quality control and detection work.

Comprising a very high-speed, high sensitivity MWIR array, imaging spectrometer, integrated scanning system and vector processor, the SOC750-HB can acquire and process spectral imagery at a rate of 11 cubes (256 x 240 pixels x 42 bands) per second at 14-bit resolution. Lower spatial resolution cubes can be acquired at higher speeds. The system’s spectral response is medium wave-infrared from 2-5 microns. The spectral resolution is 73 nm. The HS data cube size is 5.25 MB.

The system includes a real-time hyperspectral image processor to radiometrically calibrate the imagery, perform sensor emulation, and implement up to four spectral correlation algorithms on the spectral imagery simultaneously. All processing occurs at the full cube rate. The SOC750-HB imager is supported by SOC’s custom HSAnalysis3 software with a user-friendly GUI.