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SOC710 Series Hyperspectral Imagers


The SOC710 Series® is the ultimate portable hyperspectral imager. Whether you are outdoors, on the production floor, or in a lab, it delivers real-time research-grade results with a wavelength range of 400 to 1000 nanometers.

The ideal hyperspectral camera for applications in precision agriculture, forestry, mining and oceanography, the SOC710-VP® offers high performance, portability and versatility at an affordable price. A 12-bit camera and precision factory calibration yields data with excellent dynamic range, free from errors.


Applications of the SOC710 Series Hyperspectral Imagers

Core Specifications

Key specs to consider when choosing a hyperspectral imager.

Spectral Resolution

4.6875 nanometer

Spectral Range

400 – 1000 nm

SOC710 Series Versions


Twice the spectral resolution of the standard SOC710.


Spectral range of 900-1700nm.


Designed for ease of installation in a
UAV or small aircraft.

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