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410-Vis-IR Portable Emissometer & Solar Reflectometer

The 410 Vis-IR has been developed as a modern replacement for the classic Gier Dunkle DB100 reflectometer. The 410 Vis-IR measures total reflectance at combined 13 spectral bands. The Vis head operates from 335 nm to 2500 nm, and the IR head operates from 1.5 microns to far IR. The reflectances in the bands are converted to spectral information. Solar irradiance function or blackbody function is applied to calculate solar absorptance or thermal emissivity for two angles 20 and 60 degrees. Hemispherical total emissivity is predicted based on calculated directional emissivity.

To perform measurements the samples are placed on the top of the measurement unit. The base of the instrument can be replaced with the optional handle, and the instrument can be operated as a hand held unit. It takes about 10 seconds to take a measurement in each spectral range. The spectrometer is calibrated with NIST traceable calibration coupons.


  • Measures directional thermal emissivity at near normal and near grazing incidence angles
  • Predicts hemispherical thermal emissivity
  • Measures solar absorptance / reflectance
  • Partitions reflected energy between total, specular and diffuse components in the spectral range of 335 to 2500 nm
  • NIST traceable
  • Fast & Portable
  • Combined operational spectral range: from UV to far IR


In the portable operation the instrument is controlled from a PC type computer in the hand held operation it is controlled by a PDA computer residing in the Command Module, the handle.