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SOC President, Dr. James Jafolla, to give lecture at Georgia Tech on signature control techniques and optical properties of materials

Dr. Jafolla will be participating as an instructor in the course “Infrared/Visible Signature Suppression” offered by the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA), Sept. 11-14, 2012. Course lectures will examine threat characteristics to derive signature vulnerabilities, suppression strategies, and priorities. Explore signature-generation mechanisms and modeling techniques, as well as special types of challenges posed by […]

NuSTAR space telescope utilizes thermal control coating developed by Surface Optics Corp.

An artist’s concept of the NuSTAR observatory in orbit. NASA’s space-based telescope consists of two identical high-energy X-ray optical units, which focus the light (right); two shielded detectors, which record the images (left); and a 10-meter deployable mast that provides the requisite focal length for an X-ray telescope. Photo credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech. Launched June 13, 2012, […]

SOC published in Dec. 2011 issue of Vacuum Technology & Coating

The article "Advanced Large Area Deposition Technology for Astronomical and Space Applications”, authored by Surface Optics Corporation's R & D Engineer Michael L. Fulton and Coatings Lab Manager Richard S. Dummer, describes SOC’s design of a unique 3.3 meter diameter chamber, equipped with an e-beam, resistance source, and Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) system mounted on a movable stage.