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Surface Optics’ Full-Motion Video Spectral Imager Aboard U.S. Navy 4th Fleet Airship

Surface Optics' full-motion video spectral imager (FMV-SI) participates in U.S. Navy's 4th Fleet airship capabilities demonstration flights. FMV-SI combines the real-time, situational awareness provided by full-motion video with the spectral intelligence that aids in the detection, identification and management of targets based on their inherent signature.

New Airborne Spectral Imager SOC710-GX Presented at ASPRS

Surface Optics will be offering demonstrations of our new SOC710-GX airborne Vis/NIR spectral imaging system at this week’s ASPRS Conference in Baltimore, MD. The SOC710-GX is a complete airborne spectral imager, specifically designed for ease of installation in a UAV or small aircraft. The compact system delivers real-time, research-grade results covering the 400-1000 nanometer wavelength […]