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SOC710-GX Airborne Hyperspectral Imager

The SOC710-GX® hyperspectral imager is specifically designed for ease of installation in a UAV or small aircraft. The compact system delivers real-time, research-grade results covering the 400 – 1000 nanometer wavelength range with a 640 pixel-wide swath.

The ideal imager for applications in precision agriculture, forestry, mining or oceanography, the SOC710-GX® offers high performance at an affordable price. The low noise, 12-bit camera used in the system supports rapid framing, wide dynamic range, high quantum efficiency and high resolution.

At 20 cm. in length and less than 4 lbs, the imager is designed to be compact. A single GigE connection eases integration, and coupled to SOC’s Compact Data-Recorder allows for continuous data collection for over an hour.


Contact us today to receive full brochure and specifications for the SOC710-GX. Our technical team is always happy to answers questions and discuss the particulars of your application.

  • Spectral Coverage: 400-1000nm
  • Spectral Resolution: 4.2nm
  • Bands: 120
  • Pixels per line: 640
  • Speed: 90 lines/second
  • Focal Length: Configurable
  • Lens Type: C-Mount
  • Weight: 1.25 Kg*
  • Dimensions (DL): 10.3cm x 20.0cm*
  • Power: 12-VDC / 10 Watts
  • Dynamic Range: 12-bit
  • Pixel size: 9.9µm x 9.9µm
  • Operating Temp: 0°C … +50°C
  • QE: >38% at 500 nm
  • Interface: GigE
  • Numerical aperture: F/2.8
  • Slit Width: 30 microns
  • Slit Length: 9.8 mm