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Offering a superior line of hand-held and laboratory reflectometers.


Custom job environment for thin film coating development and applications.

Measurement Services

Directional and bidirectional reflectance measurements.

Spectral Imaging

Design and manufacture of multispectral, hyperspectral and full-motion video spectral imaging systems, operating in the UltraViolet through Infrared spectral region.

Upcoming Tradeshows

HSI 2014 – Hyperspectral Imaging and Applications Conference – OCTOBER 15-16, Coventry, UK

SOC will present on “Hyperspectral to Multispectral: Video Rate Spectral Imaging Applications”

HSI 2014 will bring together academic and industrial users to share their knowledge of innovation in hyperspectral imaging cameras, technology and applications.

Website: http://www.hsi2014.com/

Recent News

Hyperspectral imaging possible Amelia Earhart wreckage

SOC710-VP hyperspectral camera being used by aircraft recovery group TIGHAR to take data on airplane wreckage found on the island where Amelia Earhart is suspected to have crashed.


Surface Optics Announces Distribution Agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific

Surface Optics Corporation today announced a one year agreement to distribute the SOC710-VP hyperspectral imager through the Thermo Fisher Scientific customer channel in the United States and Canada.